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last nite i had the weirdest dream. actually it wasn't the weirdest but it was pretty weird. i was walking around some city trying to get to a store in 2 hours. no matter how fast a ran or how many trains i caught. i couldn't get there. then someone guy with a gun was chasing my brother and i had to save him. he looked like mr rogers. then next thing i knew i was in dunkin donuts. alyssa milano (who's the boss) worked there and this crazy 80s lady. she asked me if i wanted to work there and i said yes so then i did. i got alyssa fired for giving away her secret identity. chaos. thats about it. i dont think it makes much sense. anyway tomorrow i think i will go to dunkin donuts and see whats goin on there. maybe i'll take the train. this dream means something. hmm.......
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