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we keep it lethal for our people ...and fancy!

yo my people!. this weekend was busy. the swelling in my face is down. now its just badly bruised. i look like i was in a fight, with my cut lip and all. i don't really care how i look. it was easier for me to go out than lori....... so yesterday, i put on my best outfit and favorite belt (hoping to divert attention away from my face... wow i never thought i'd say that) and we went downtown. we got there at 5 and bought tickets for the 7pm harbor lights cruise. we had some time to kill, so i bought ray to the intrepid. it was fun. then we were hungry, so we went to the mess hall (mcdonalds). i barely managed to eat a parfait. then we "ran" to catch the cruise. they didn't let us on because the boat was full. i didn't understand because WE DID HAVE tickets . then we went on the ferry as a substitute. it was just as good, and free. i had a soda. then i REALLY had to pee. so i made dad stop at the waldorf astoria. it was the fanciest bathroom of my life. i had so much fun. and then i saw the first copy of alice in wonderland. i was so glad i went to the bathroom. so glad. then we went to eat in the marriot. i had chicken pot pie. it was the fanciest chicken pot pie of my life. i couldn't eat the chicken tho. so then we went home. today we went to the palisades. lori bought stuff but she wont tell me. i dont get it. i won a yo-yo at dave and busters. i love hollister. no i love fall clothes. no i wish i had to do school shopping for fall clothes. i can still pretend i have somewhere to wear them.... oh no wait. i bought slides. they are class. i heard LP's new stuff on mtv 2 just now. the album is out 30th. buy it. tomorrow will be tha beach. later sk8rs.

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