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WARPED TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am lazy. this wil be short. u can def read lori's and jess's for the details, and i will have captions for the pics when they get posted. but we met SoCo and i bought lotsa of stuff and it was fun. best day of my life 4 sure! i am addicted to moshing now. i even put on some cd's when i came home but jumping around in my room by myself is not the same. and i am so going to try crowd surfing next time. i am ready for the next level. well i am probably not but thats the fun part. let me share some more details u wont hear. oh when we met the skaters i said to one, can u write "carol is the best sk8r in the world." he wrote "carol is the best looking sk8r in the world, and that's better" it thought that was cool. i had a spamburger. it was gross. my shoes are a disaster, but i can't bring myself to clean them. i feel like i'm erasing memories. so i'm keeping them all dusty as a souvenir.
and finally let me leave you with these words that i can't help but relate to the moshing experience, from a jimmy eat world song :
"i'm on my feet, i'm on the floor, i'm good to go, all i need is just to hear a song i know."
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