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hey everyone! how's it goin'? i just escaped from hell! oh wow. first of all, i have been doing really well the guitar (teaching myself). and yesterday i practiced for like 3 hours....not all at once. yeah so my hand hurt today and i was on a break. well while our neighbor was over mom just HAD TO mention that i have a guitar. and then robin just insisted on giving me a lesson. and "no you're holding it wrong", "you have to cut your nails","no thats not how you strum", "i play classical guitar","put that pick away", "stretch your hand", "do u have a nail clipper?", "cut your nails.", "boys don't care about nails". i wanted someone to shoot me. i really really did. and by the way guys, i still had on the green polish from monica's house. oh that was fun. we played girl talk. and then charades. that was the funnest charades i ever played.
yesterday i was driving and i think i am ready for the road. but i can only drive in my feet. yeah the shoes don't work. and then i saw enrique iglesias in mcdonalds. i swear it was him! and i dont eat there. oh big shout out to sarah, xsarah1x who helped with my layout and giving codes and letting me bother her about it. THANKS!!!! i was working on webpages this week. my one is shit. really. oh and BIG NEWS. i quit the "band" . no more celebrity broadcast. well only in lori's lori_mimagination. i decided its no good if i just give everything up ( i must say tho that after night, i will taking a major vacation from my guitar, unfortunately.) but i have so many songs.. thats why i'm designing this new site for my stuff like that. its awesome so far..... the intro is flash. i dont understand how i can have such complicated intro stuff, but i'm not capable of putting a decent background on LJ.. thanks again sarah! but wait til u all see it! i have to type up my lyrics. i'm sure what to do bout the music tho. u really need it to get the feel for the songs. we'll see. i'll link it in the next journal. and one more thing. leave some posts!! laughing is good for you. so laugh at my background.
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