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new website

today we went to the hospital. visiting. seriousness. i got lost. twice. trying to find a bathroom. then in the parking lot i saw 5 crows gang up on a squirrel. they murdered it and fought over it and ate it. it was gross. i can't help but see it as symbolic. poor squirrel tho. it was a cute one. let me put on the fan. ok back. today i felt i was wasting my summer. its going so fast. especially when i have TWO books for summer reading. and a term paper thing. i didn't attempt to get the books. i wanna quit school. i dont wanna go back. isn't twelve years enough. i guess not. so any back to the non-productive summer. i wrote two more songs today. and i like them.
hey kids, the website is up! here's the link CarolMusicOnline
its not much, except the intro, but its my motivation. so i have something to work towards. and i think my songs come out better knowing someone might read them. that's all.
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