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there goes the neighborhood

last night there was another break-in. the police interviewed me. it was 1 in the morning. so i was like whatever. 2nd one on our floor. then i watched some batman and robin (it's on now again) and then the expn invitationals were on. yay! and yesterday i did some singing. let's just say my middle name should be "make your ears bleed". rocking was good tho.

dad woke me early this morning-- 8:30. but its ok because.... more invitationals! i was inspired after tv. so then i went skateboarding. the park is so much better than i realized. i never noticed before but, "benches, and hand rails, and stairs, oh my" so that was fun until i fell and broke my back. no that was still fun, but it hurts if i look too far the right. hmm.....

yesterday a kid tried to drown sean at the pool. it was his "friend", so he didn't mind. weird.

i was think bout getting my old guitar repainted if thats what u call it, but i 'm gunna go with stickers. i have a bunch of those. i have some lisa frank on there already. i think i'll cover those tho. i won some wicked skate stickers on ebay yesterday. and my something corporate cd is on its way, with 50 promo stickers. that will be fun for warped tour! and i got pics from the lake. i'll try to put those up. i have one with elvis. its cool. my two new songs are "rescue" , "almost sex" and "sk8-NY". i wanna do an elvis cover.

i think i'll go for a walk now, to the mailbox. outside.
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