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hey all. the place is crawling with cops now. someone hit the alarm. i think it was them. i dont really know what is going on anymore.

lori is talking of college in ireland. it sounds appetizing. it sounds less stressful.

today we went to the pool. i got no tan. it was kinda cloudy out. and today my something corporate cd from ebay came. its special from the recording company. i hope to get it signed at warped tour.. that would make my year. it also came with 50 promo stickers. those will be fun at warped too. so tomorrow i think michelle will come over. and i'll go skating with pat. he has a mini ramp.

right now i'm checking out "the grand skeem". they are going to play with avril lavigne. (by the way new icon) and they will be playing the core tour on saturday. i am def going to that. they also have open skating where you can skate with the pros. i wanna meet andy and ryan. and nasty is hot. look at his pic . they're all in the ultimate x movie. i wanna see that on monday.


The Grand Skeem

The Grand Skeem with O-Town (for some reason)

Cory "Nasty" Nastazio
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