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shake it Twinzzzz....

this is a quick update. friday, went to jess's. sarah, allison, gary, billy, and chris, were there. had a good time. remember, its all in fun.
SATurday - C O R E T O U R!! (and a car accident)
the core tour was more than i could of ever imagined. awesome skating. tons of free stuff. the grand skeem gave a kick ass show. and we hung out with them after. i bought their cd and got it signed. i 'll go into details when i get the pics. then we went to chinatown. OMG. i bought power rangers complete set. woo hoo. and some other cool stuff. i got some awesome belts and accessories off the street. i think it was the best day of my life! a

and sunday we went to this irish festival thing. i sold shirts. it was so hott. the weather, i mean.

and today i made frappuccinos. and got the jimmy eat world cd. pretty cool.
and more skating. i did not fall today.....

quote of the day: "i did not fall today".... think about it!
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July 24 2002, 09:43:59 UTC 15 years ago

hey im commenting from canada but i got to go!
happy 4 u that u diddnt fall
commenting from canada... you are the bomb!
i'm gunna call u 3k from now on!