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i love drugs

owww. what day is it? oh, it says up there. ok then that means i had surgery yesterday. i had no idea. i had 4 hours of sleep the day before. i had my wisdom teeth removed. i have 6 to 10 stiches in my mouth and i feel every one of them. me face is huge. everyone tells me i would look bad if i was obese. i believe them. despite this i went to the airport today. mary and raymond are here now. i have to take like 8 pills a day so i am mad tired. its only 10:30 now. do not operate heavy machinery. i couldn't operate a spoon right now. not that i can eat anything any way. i am very hungry. and did i mention tired.
on a less painful note, the core tour pics are excellent. the macarena is the best song ever. goodnite new york.

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