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think it over once or twice

wow has it really been a week??? well we did go to beach like a week ago and i'm still reeling from the extreme amount of sun i got that day. so i didn't do much after that. it was hard to sit down since the worst sunburn was right across my stomach. oh but on tuesday we went to have high tea with caroline. it was english tea and crumpets and cucumber sandwiches. lots of fun. then we went home because i nearly passed out from antique shopping. i got my stitches out too, the day after. everything is good now. hmm... what else???.... .... yesterday we went downtown again and we went to the ESB and i had suddenly figured out why central park is central park. its not that complicated.the we went out to eat at frankie and johnnies. it was delicious. today we went to a barbecue. it was fun too. i thought i had more to say but if i think of it i will add it. i am very lazy tonight.

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