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my story

so one day i went to the park. i sat on a bench. i saw a man selling food. when i got there there was only pretzels. i bought one but then remembered i don't like pretzels. so i sat down again. a pigeon came over. it wanted some of the pretzel. i don't like pretzels so i gave it the whole thing. i meant to throw it on the ground in front of the little bird but i have terrible aim. it landed on the pigeon's neck. it tried to fly away with it but it was too heavy. and it was stuck on its neck. then a whole flock of assorted birds came and attacked the pigeon. they covered the whole pretzel and/or pigeon. when they left, there was only the pigeons beak on the ground. i picked it up and put it in my pocket. then i walked home. i walked down main street past all the closed buisnesses. only madam florentine's shop was open. i stepped inside and pulled out the pigeon beak. she gave me a thousand dollars for it. i didn't feel bad about being overcharged for the pretzel anymore.
© Carol Murray.
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