Carol (carol_m) wrote,

they say freak, when you're singled out...

it has been a long time since i updated. so i dont expect ne1 to read this. i hope they've given up. whats new? lots that i dont care to share with the whole world. so i'm gunna get rid of my journal. i might keep it around for lyrics and such which were meant to be shared all along. anyone can read this... sure, sure i could put friends only, but knowing who's gunna read this shit, that'll change what i write. like i'd say what i want to either. i'm sure many of you thoughtless adolescents have stumbled upon this revelation from time to time. and now its my turn. one more thing, if anyone still cares what i do with my time, i'm sure you'd ask. so no hard feelings.
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hello... i happened to come across your Lj... long time since you've updated. Anyway... you seem cool, so keep me in mind... maybe we could have an interesting conversation about guitars or something (a few of our interests match)




December 20 2003, 18:40:58 UTC 14 years ago

wow that feels like it was six years ago. i got a new live journal since but i cant remember any of my passwords, and they wont send it to me,so i cant update. i should just start a new one...
so u seem to like drugs alot. i dont really like them at all. but i do like guitars very much. i play in a band called "your mom". maybe you have heard of us. we havent played in eastchester but we are going to play in white plains in january. maybe u could come to the show. are u in a band?
first... i dont impose my habitual drug use on anyone.
second, i dont play in a band anymore... not really what i care to do, i rather just write music for myself than search and search for incompetent musicians who waste my time... which is what i was doing for about 4 years...
i hear you. what kind of guitars do u have?