Carol (carol_m) wrote,


hey hey. i have an icon. i can't get any pics of me in the right size, but i am working on it. so for now it is my eye. my eyecon. lol. sarah is helping me with all of this. thanks sarah. i got bak a lil while ago from the movies with lori. we saw mr. deeds. it was "wicked nice" lol. i saw amy c. from the old skool. she did not see me. i did not say hi. ok.i got some pics off of the other comp. and i will make a phat design, once again, as soon as figure this all out. oh and by the trees, (i say that instead of "by the way"), we are leavin for vacation tomorrow. lake george. i think thats where we are goin. i dont really care. as long as we come back soon. family vacation = blah. it will make a good photo op as KT wud say.. don't werrey every1 will see tha pics! hmmm. well not much else for now. i will be writin tomorrow morning because i'll be going to cvs. walking/skateboardin. on bronx river rd. in daylight. i will definitely be writn. i didn't spell check this one so dont make fun of my accent. and speaking of accents, my location is messed up. i am not from american samoa, altho that wud b fun. yeah its just NY baby. until then. farewell in your journeys.

P.S. more lyrics coming soon!
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